Friday, September 4, 2009

The Story of In Clover

It was 2001, we lived in California at the time, Carlos was just born. I took daily walks around downtown Santa Cruz, strolling Carlos through the streets, walking into the cutest boutiques. One morning I decided to visit Pacific Trading Co. a clothing boutique that also carried really pretty jewelry. A gorgeous pendant caught my attention when I was at the counter. It was a four leaf-clover pressed inside a small glass box; I had to get it. The package where the pendant was, had a very interesting story about being In Clover. This is what it said: "Congratulations on your ownership of a genuine, unique, hand-picked and preserved four-leaf clover" I was excited, it felt as I had an important treasure in my hands. I kept on reading and this was what has changed the outlook of a lot of things that go on in my life today. It said "Each leaf represents love, honor, health and wealth. Being 'In Clover' means being in a state of happiness and well-being. The spiritual meaning of the clover is that with the possession of this coveted leaf, you will be open to good karmic experiences and be blessed with the ability to forever judge between good and evil"

Today, I have created an In Clover group, where friends exchange feelings, thoughts... I try as hard as I can, to everyday, be conscious about my state of mind and if I notice that is not good, I make the effort to turn it around. Being "In Clover" is not easy but when you train your mind anything is possible, you can change wrong into right, bad into good, sad into happiness.

"Relish your clover. Share the magic, be In Clover today"

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