Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best On-line Websites

I assure you this post will make your on-line shopping or just browsing more enjoyable. The idea came about because I use the web often to research and/or shop and wanted to make my life easier by creating a list of best on-line shops. This way I can stop my magazine ripping-pages obsession. Here we go, have fun and YES click on each of these, you might be surprised as to the stuff you can find... and these are only some.

  1., from whimsical dress to shoes, to gorgeous accessories
  2., shoes before now also offering clothes. Celeb-stylish Rachel Zoe (my favorite) picks and chooses must-haves.
  3., same concept, the shipping is free and it gets to its destination in 1 day.
  4., tons of the latest styles, the jeans selection is unbelievable.
  5., introduced to me, a couple of years ago, by one of my best friends Tamara, cool, fashion forward site that will create a new wardrove in no time.
  1., the ultimate in on-line shopping. Where artisans gather together to sell their handmade items, shipping cost is always low. Support small businesses, is a great cause.
  2., cute flats, leather booties... fill up the shop, also check out the lower-priced DV line.
  3., for anyone who loves glass rings, lucite rings, wood, agate, plastic, resin, acrylic, jade, etc.
  1., one stop for all things beauty. Over 200 of the best brands, every time you order, they will offer you to get (3) samples for free.
  2., offering more than 1,000 creative fragrances.
  3., only organic skin-care, cosmetic and aromatherapy products, detailed information about each product so you can learn before you purchase. LOVE this site.
  1., one of the creations of pottery barn but with a much cooler edge and affordable.
  2., I found this site about 4 years ago and love it for my kids. Great quality and prices.
  3., obsessed with everything in the store, furniture, accessories, food, you name it, is there.
  1., one-of-kind, handmade by me, handbags and accessories. Check out everyday for new designs. My new addition "eye pillows," you have to have one, trust me.
  2., great for the holidays if you have to please everyone in your and your husbands family. Prices are great, the product selection is huge.
  3., affordable offerings could not be more stylish; take a peek, if you like to be different buying here, is a great way to show it.
I am sure there are times you just want to take a break from your reading routine or maybe stop your TV watching, get on-line, click on these sites and spend time looking at affordable, gorgeous products that could help you with the Holiday shopping "stress" and-or any other occasion.