Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I have decided to consciously be happier than yesterday but less happier than tomorrow, because tomorrow I will be happier, hahaha.

Yes, I plan to tell myself everyday that being happy is my choice, nobody is going affect this state, no circumstances either; no matter how bad or negative things around me are. I am training my brain to be strong and to be able to block outside trash. I love the way being happy feels, it's contagious! imagine if we all tried as hard as we could to always have a positive attitude, to always be thankful... Did you know that one day of this, affects 10 people? and that @ the end of fours weeks you have affected 300 more. Oh wow, I love it! the world would be a HAPPY FACE, literally.

Here are a few things I do, to help myself keep on track:

  • Read only positive news, books, blogs... I know it's hard sometimes not to pay attention to the World news but honestly, there is nothing you can do for what is going on in Libya right now (for example) so what's the point?
  • "Tell it to myself," yes, as loud as possible. I'M HAPPY, HAPPIER, HAPPIEST.
  • Influencing other people also makes me happy, any shape or form, big or small.
  • I kiss my family everyday, tons of times and tell them how much I love them.
  • SMILE, smile and smile some more, as you know, it's free and easy to do, even when you are having a rough day.
What makes YOU happy? write it down, read it everyday, share it with the world.

Hoping to have flicked the switch today or have woken you up again to always be HAPPY. Life is short, take responsibility to live it to its full potential because it starts with how you really feel and that is HAPPY! right?

It's Up To You!


  1. aisss hazlo tambien en spanish

  2. Vale, venga, a partir de ahora lo hare, ya me han preguntado bastantes fans, asi que el siguiente va en dos lenguas!


  3. Moniiii
    no sabes lo mucho que me acaba de ayudar tu blog y este texto sobre la felicidad!!
    gracias gracias gracias!!!
    No sabia como salir de aqui y ahora practicaré tu rutina!
    un super mega besito y gracias por hacerme sonreir!!

  4. Me alegro Fabri, un beso grande! hay cosas que son tan obvias que se nos olvidan!